Something's coming!! But you already knew that...

Something's coming!! But you already knew that...

Welcome Waitlisters!

Firstly I just want to say a great big thank you for signing up, it honestly means the world that you are interested in what I have to offer and I literally do a little happy dance every time I see a new name added to the list!

So just to recap, here is all of the awesome perks you get by being on the list:

  • Sneak peeks into our products before anyone else
  • Info and updates about the little details of our products (from the bright little spark of an idea to the finished product)
  • Priority access to our launch products before the general public
  • Go into the running to receive a $30 gift voucher to spend on our new collection.

So who wants to get to your first perk? What is our new product?? We've dropped some clues on our Instagram this week, but you heard it here first. We are creating our own clothing line!!

What's so special about this new clothing line? Months of planning, designing, sampling and everything else have gone into this. A clothing line designed for not only my daughter but for everyone's favourite little person. 

With a focus on sustainability, our clothing line will be hand made to order to ensure there is no wastage in materials or an oversupply in stock. 

Our simple styles and natural colour palette will allow for our collection to last season after season. 

Being predominantly gender neutral, we know our pieces will be loved again and again.

I cannot wait to share it with you!!

Veronica xx

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