What's in a name anyway?

What's in a name anyway?

Hello Waitlisters!


It has been a while since I have been able to get something typed up and ready for you, and if I kept to my schedule, you would still be waiting which is something I did not want to do. This particular blog was supposed to be filled with more pictures of the products from this release, but instead over the last few weeks we have run into some technical difficulties. 


I was super excited to buy a new sewing machine, however unfortunately the one I picked ended up being faulty and had to be sent back. And they were also out of stock, meaning I was back to my old machine for now. In a series of unfortunate events, my old machine then decided that it did not want to work anymore!! I am currently without a machine and therefore unable to stitch up anything.


However, my lack of sewing has meant that while I have had to push back my release by a few weeks, there has been a lot more time for planning.


So, what I can say that for now we will be releasing a few items, including the Elliot Button Up Shirt and the Greta Bloomers, we will also be releasing one for the boys, being our Morgan Shorts. Currently sitting in pieces on my dining table waiting for my new machine!


And if these names sound familiar to you, its because all our pieces will be named after Australian locations. Just another touch of Australia coming through in our products.


Coming up on the next blog – final pieces from drop one and our release date!!


Until next time.


Veronica xx

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