Our launch date is here!

Our launch date is here!

Hello Waitlisters!!

I am excited to announce that our launch date is almost here! I can't wait to share all of the products I've been working on with you. A few things that will be available on launch day include the Elliot Button-up Shirt and Greta Bloomers from our earlier blog posts.

Joining these two products is also our Morgan Shorts, Apple Blossom Bow and Eden Midsized Topknots (which I have finally been able to finish with my new machine!). Five gorgeous products in a range of different colours, meaning that the combinations you can come up with are endless! While we have pictured here pink, purple and green, we will also have a range of blues, reds and yellows, as well as a few different patterned fabrics for the Elliot Shirts (you can refer to our previous post here for a peek at some options).

So when will these be coming? Mark your calendars, our Spring Launch will be available to shop for you from 7pm Sunday 2nd October.

Our official launch will be coming to the general public from 8pm, but for all of my waitlisters you will be able to shop an hour early, which is a massive advantage given that our products are all made to order.

And as an extra surprise for you I will also be restocking a range of new Oversized Topknots which I have finally been able to finish off. 

So as this is the last blog post for this launch, I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who signed up, its such an amazing feeling knowing that you are interested in something that means so much to me.

And as our waitlist is now closed, I will be drawing our winner of our $30 gift voucher later this week and will notify you via email, so keep your eyes on your inbox!!

Veronica xx

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